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Subject: college ball-11 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in
Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the
College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an
auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic
building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower,
and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge.
(This story is the property and copywrite of NPhillydoggaol.com and
Nifty.org).____________________________________________________________________________COLLEGE-BALL-11ONE Tyrome Smith did his best to forget Clarence Johnson by burying
himself in practice sessions, partying harder after classes, and fucking
every girl he could get his Preteen Nymphets 9 inch jock dick into. Tyrome knew he had the
good looks, the body, the confidence, and the playing skills on court to
get any girl he wanted. Women would line up to be his bitch if he so much
as put the word out that he was looking for someone special. Yet with all
his conquest and prowess, he couldn’t get the 6 foot 4 inch tall 18 yr old
out of his mind. Tearing through the streets of Minnesota with a hot chick bobbing
her head in his lap, Tyrome was doing 60 as he sped through red and yellow
lights like a wildman. He switched gears just as he hit a straightaway,
jamming his foot down on the accelerator as the car leaped into high gear.
The girl bobbed her head up and down, taking as much of Tyrome’s
hard dick in her mouth as possible. She was a Jaguar cheerleader, one of
Tyrome many conquests. She was a good lay with a tight pussy and firm tits,
but nothing more to capture Ty’s attention. He reached down under the hem
of her dress and squeezed his hand into the ass of her panties to finger
her pussy. She groaned heatedly around his manhood, sucking harder as he
pushed up into her. She was only getting about half of Tyrome’s 9 inches
down when he suddenly grabbed her by the back of her head and forced the
rest of his dick into her throat. The girl struggled to get free as Tyrome
thrust his hips up into Preteen Nymphets
her face as he floored the car into overdrive. He
felt her throat muscles close down around his shaft just as his
Corvette-X20 veered off the main street and burst onto a dirt road leading
towards the waterfront. Tyrome threw his head back as he held the girl’s head down,
savoring the feel of her convulsing throat on his johnson. He could feel
his dick starting to jump and jerk in her mouth, his balls tightened
beneath the base as they threatened to explode just before she sank her
teeth into the skin. “AAARRHHH..!!” he yelled, slamming on the breaks
and turning the Corvette into a skid, stopping just before the car flipped
into the river.”You’re fucking nuts??!” he asked, releasing the girl’s head as she
pulled up furiously.”You fucking freak…!!” she screamed, slapping at him wildly with
her hands before jumping out of the car.”Where the hell you think you going…?” asked Tyrome, holding his
sore dick in his hands.”I’m going home!” said the girl, tucking her tits back into her
blouse as she adjusted her skirt and panties.”How…, how you gonna get there from here…” asked Ty
sarcastically, feeling remorseful for being such an asshole. “…get
back in the car..!”"Fuck you…! I’ll walk!!” said the girl walking away, leaving
Tyrome to nurse his genitals.TWO Tyrome pulled up in front of the frat house about 30 minutes
later. He was hoping for a little rest and relaxation before their next big
game, but quickly realized his hopes were dashed when he found his
teammates having a premature victory party at the frat.
Everyone was sitting around drinking beer, smoking weed, and
listening to music. A lot of the girls there Tyrome already knew
personally, having slept with most of them before passing them onto other
teammates. He saw Clarence Johnson standing in the center of the room
spinning a basketball on his fingertips, bragging about having met Tomas
Jackson in his hotel room with the Coach, and getting his autograph at the
Chicago vs Baltimore game (last chap). Everyone hinged on his every word as
he described the man, the game, and the high score Tomas made on
court. Clarence discriminately left out the fact that he, Coach Brown, and
coach’s domestic partner (Russell Collins) all fucked Tomas in his hotel
room before the game, he saw no sense in outing the superstar forward,
himself, or the Coach and his friend. The guys were passing around the ball
Tomas personally autographed for Clarence, each taking a turn to read the
inscription. Carter Sanborne was sitting on the sofa with two girls cuddled up
in his arms, an unopened bottle of brew in his hand when he noticed Tyrome
come in. “Sup, Bro…?” he said, tossing the bottle into the
air. Tyrome caught it in his hand effortlessly, used to catching rebounds
on the court. “…did you hear? Clarence met Tomas Jackson tonight at
the game!” continued Carter (the team’s shooting guard) over the blare
of music. “Tomas gave him THIS!” he added, tossing Tyrome the signed
Ty caught the ball in his free hand, turning it to read the
signature. It read: `To CJ, a brotha with all the right moves! -Tomas
Jackson 5554712-cell, call me whenever you’re in town’, Tyrome tossed the
ball back, frowning as his eyes met Clarence’s. Clarence said nothing as he
watched Ty from across the room, wondering what was on the brutha’s mind?”CJ said Tomas was cool…” said teammate Derek Wilson, grabbing the
ball as he breezed by Tyrome. “…very down to earth…, he and the
Coach’r really good friends!”"Friends…?” asked Tyrome, arching his eyebrow suspiciously as he
popped the cap on his brew and turned the bottle up to his lips.
One of the girls who knew Ty better walked over and wrapped her
arms seductively around his waist. Without breaking eye contact with
Clarence, Tyrome put his arm around the girl’s neck and walked her straight
upstairs to his room.”Now Preteen Nymphets
that’s what I’m talking about…!” said Mikiah Washington, as
Tyrome disappeared upstairs and closed the door. Another girl walked over to Clarence, batting her eyelashes as she
touched him suggestively about his broad shoulder, nudging for him to go
upstairs with her. But Clarence declined, grabbing his basketball as he
went up to his room alone. “What’s up with that nigga…?” asked
Mikiah, having witnessed the whole scene. “…he acts like he don’t
like pussy!”"Have you ever SEEN him with a girl…?” asked Carter, hugging his
two girls closely as they sat silently listening.”I ain’t never seen him do nothing but dribble a damn ball!”
responded Mikiah, pulling the rejected girl to his lap.”You think he gay or something…?” asked Jason, the team’s white
token player.”I dunno…” said Mikiah, starting to wonder the same thing
himself. “…but this makes the third time I’ve seen him turn down
pussy!”"Maybe he has a girlfriend back home…?” suggested Derek,
hopefully.”Yeah…, and maybe Star Jones and Al Reynolds married for love!”
laughed Mikiah.”Well…, maybe SHE did…!” laughed Carter, not giving the
conversation much thought. “Who gives a fuck what the boy is…, so
long as he helps us get to the championships!”THREE Clarence lay in his room, tossing his newly autographed ball into
the air and catching before gravity could make a connection. He could Preteen Nymphets hear
the music blasting downstairs as the party continued to go on, while
imagining what Tyrome was doing in his room with the girl.
Instantly Clarence started to feel anger and resentment building
inside of him, as the thoughts of Tyrome getting buck wild and serious with
some hootchy filled his head. Suddenly there was a knock on his
door. Clarence jumped up out of bed, expecting the visitor to be none other
than Tyrome having second thoughts about who he wanted to bed down
with. But when he swung the door open, it was Derek standing there, not
Tyrome.”Wussup…?” asked Clarence, twirling the ball on his finger as he
turned his back and walked back into the room.”Why’d you leave the party…?” asked Derek, stepping into the room
behind him as he discreetly closed the door.”We gotta big game tomorrow…, I don’t see why I gotta stay up with
the rest of the team if I don’t smoke or drink…!” answered Clarence,
make believing he had other things to do.”Why Preteen Nymphets didn’t you take one of them girls up to the room with you…?”
asked Derek, curiously.”I came to college to play ball and get an education…, not find a
baby’s momma!” snapped Clarence, somewhat frustrated.”Some of the guys downstairs are saying you soft…” said Derek,
warning Clarence what the team says behind his back.”Soft how…?” asked Clarence, curiously.”Gay!” answered Derek, honestly. “They think you might be gay
because they never see you with a girl…!”
Clarence chuckled to himself…”So Preteen Nymphets you don’t want me on the team because you think I’m gay…?” he
asked, angrily.”Not ME…!” said Derek, defensively. “I couldn’t care less if
you were gay…! Really!”
Clarence breathed a little easier, knowing his closest friend would
be cool with him if he was…”Let me guess…, it’s Mikiah and Carter…!?” guessed Clarence,
correctly. “THEY’RE the ones that think I’m a homo!”"Well…, you haven’t had a girl since you’ve been here…”
surmised Derek.”Fuck you!” snapped Clarence. “I told you…, I have my life
already planned out…! And it don’t include being no teenaged dad!!”"I didn’t mean anything by it…, honest man…” said Derek, trying
to stay on Clarence’s good side. Both boys stood in silence for a few
awkward minutes, trying to avoid eye contact as they muddled about the
Clarence turned the basketball around in his hand, re-reading the
inscription Tomas Jackson wrote especially to him.”What would you say if I told you I might be gay…?” asked Derek,
his voice shaking nervously.
Clarence’s head sprung up as Derek’s lowered towards the floor.”Are you…?” asked Clarence, almost sounding hopeful.”I dunno…” answered Derek, turning away shamefully. “You
uh…, you know that gloryhole everybody keeps talking about in the
equipment room…?” he asked without looking to see if Clarence
answered. “…I had my dick sucked there once…”"That’s no big deal man…!” said Clarence, trying to make Derek
feel better. “…who hasn’t gotten their dick sucked there…?!”"It’s not that…?” said Derek, continuing…, “…its
that…, I’ve been thinking about going back again…, I’ve been
thinking about it a LOT lately…?”"So…?” said Clarence, blowing it off. “So you like getting your
dick sucked, and you’re not too choosy about who sucks it…! That don’t
make you gay…, it makes you horny!”"I’ve been thinking about going back…” repeated Derek. “…but
not to get my dick sucked…” he added, his voice going
softer. “…to SUCK some dick…!” he said, holding his breath.
Clarence’s eyes opened wide.”How long’ve you been thinking about this?” asked Clarence,
interested. “Since the gloryhole…?”"No…, before that…” admitted Derek. “I’ve always had
girlfriends because my older brothers always had girlfriends, and that was
what they said made you a real man! But I’ve always wondered what sex would
be like with a guy…, letting the man take charge…”"So why haven’t you tried it yet?” inquired Clarence.”With who…?” asked Derek, finally looking in CJ’s
direction. “Everyone I know is straight…, or at least as far as I can
tell! Who am I supposed to come out to…? Who can I walk up to and say
what I’m feeling…? None of my friends would understand! They’d all say I
was crazy or something!”"I wouldn’t say you were crazy…” said Clarence, walking up to
touch Derek gently on his shoulder.
The two boys met eyes as if really seeing each other for the first
time. Clarence squeezed his friend’s shoulder as Derek’s gaze fell
curiously to Clarence’s crotch. When Clarence started to laugh, Derek got
nervous.”What’s so funny…?” he asked, feeling made fun of.”Nothing…” smiled Clarence as he started to blush. “How many
times Preteen Nymphets
had you gone to the gloryhole?” he finally asked.”Just once…!” said Derek, staring into Clarence’s face.”Once…?” smiled Clarence, looking as if he might not believe him.”ONCE!” wore Derek. “Honest! I wouldn’t lie to you about
it…!”"No…, I’m not laughing because I think you’re lying…” said
Clarence…, “…I’m laughing because…, I think I was the one that
blew you…!”
Now it was Derek’s eyes that popped open.”What…??!”"I was…” chuckled Clarence (now the one feeling
embarrassed). “…I was hanging around the equipment room when I
noticed the door open…”
Derek smiled devilishly as he began to anticipate what Clarence was
getting at. “I snuck in just as I heard you coming into the room…”
continued Clarence, keeping Derek captivated. “I didn’t know you were
gonna come to the hole til you stuck your dick through…”"And you sucked me without me knowing it was you…??!” questioned
Derek with a cheezing grin.”I…, what was I supposed to do…?” laughed Clarence, hunching
his shoulders playfully. “I saw a hommie in need…, so I helped him
out…!”"So that…, absolutely AMAZING blow job I got at the hole Preteen Nymphets
YOU…?!” asked Derek, blushing.”Yeah…?” smiled Clarence, licking his thick lips.”But as I recall…, I wasn’t the only one at that hole…!”
remembered Derek, causing Clarence to recall vividly as well. “Leon,
Kevin, and Jason was there too…! You sucked all our dicks..??”
inquired Derek.”woo…whataminute…!!” defended Clarence. “I only sucked YOUR
dick…, someone else sucked THEM off…!!”"Someone else…?” asked Derek, skeptically.”Yeah…!” answered Clarence.”Who?” asked Derek, not believing it.”I…, can’t say…!” said Clarence, not wanting to out the Coach.”uh huh…!” Preteen Nymphets smiled Derek.”For real!” chuckled Clarence. “I’m serious…! I can’t say,
man…!”"Was it Tyrome…?” whispered Derek, having his suspicions of his
and Clarence’s relationship.”No…, it wasn’t Ty…” said Clarence, teasingly.”But it WAS someone on the team…?” asked Derek. “Someone
closely associated with us that has access to the equipment room…??”"I can’t say man…, really…!” insisted Clarence.”Alright…, okay…” smiled Derek, giving up as his eyes once
again roamed down to Clarence’s crotch. He could see the long snake of CJ’s
dick creeping down his pant leg. “So…” he said, reaching down to
massage the large snake. “…you gonna show me how to suck as good as
you do…?”"Definitely…!” smiled Clarence, leading Derek to his bed.FOUR Clarence watched as Derek slowly started to strip out of his
clothes. Both men took off their shirts and t-shirts, exposing their brown
bodies and athletic muscles as they fumbled with their sneakers and
Clarence’s dick came into view first as he slid his sweatpants down
his legs. Derek’s eyes zeroed in on the long black appendage as it sprung
upward into the air. “Damn man…” he moaned softly, reaching down
to massage the shaft. He’d seen that big dick flaccid in the showers all
the time…, but seeing it rock hard in its full aroused state was quite
awestricken. Preteen Nymphets
“…its so fuckin’ big…!”"Don’t be afraid of it…” whispered Clarence, pulling Derek closer
as he warmed his arm around his back.
Derek groaned as Clarence’s hand squeezed and massaged his right
butt cheek, palming it in his hand like a basketball as his fingers dug
into the slightly haired valley.”Shit man…” signed Derek as Clarence nestled his face in his neck
before wrapping his body up in his arms.
Derek continued stroking Clarence’s manhood as his body was warmed
and his asshole toyed with. His own dick was rock hard, poking into
Clarence’s thigh as Clarence started to suckle his neck.”You ever have your asshole ate…?” asked Clarence, loving the way
Derek’s ass felt.”Naw man…” moaned Derek, already pre-cuming with excitement.”After you suck my dick, I’m gonna eat your pussy and swallow your dick
all the way down to the balls!” threatened Clarence, making Derek’s
knees grow weak. Clarence sat down on the edge of his bed as Derek knelt down
between his legs. He stared up at the upward black pole in awe as he
continued to stroke it lovingly. “What do I do…?” he asked
naively, not knowing how to proceed.”Do whateva comes natural…!” Preteen Nymphets
advised Clarence in a husky whisper.
Derek leaned forward and kissed the underbelly before licking his
way up the long dark brown shaft to the head. Clarence watched intently as
Derek nibbled around the crown, then took the fat bulbous head between his
lips for the first time. Derek felt the fat head fill his mouth like a huge marshmallow as
he suckled hard the spongy head. Taking short strokes he bobbed his head
back and forth, taking only an inch or so as his mouth adjusted to the
strange feeling.
Clarence said nothing as he allowed Derek to experiment, taking
dick for the first time as he knelt between his teammate’s legs. Instinctively he tried to take more, going deeper as the dick head
went into the back of his mouth and started to choke him. “Go
easy…” advised Clarence, leaning back on his wrists as his friend
swirled his taster around the head. “Yeah…, just like that…”
whispered Clarence, having taught guys how to suck his dick before.
He could tell Derek was really starting to get into it as the
college baller bobbed up and down, using various techniques to sucked soft
and slow and hard and fast while jacking his hand up and down the shaft. Derek couldn’t believe how much fun sucking another guy’s dick
was. He’d always wondered what it’d be like, but never pictured it as being
so fulfilling. As a straight man he’s eaten women’s pussies, sucking their
hard little clitties until they came oceans of juice in his mouth. He was
well aware of the pleasures of oral sex, but never equated it to sucking
dick. He liked how the head filled his mouth, –the spongy texture and the
long hard shaft. He let his eyes travel up Clarence’s dark skinned muscle
ripped stomach and flat chest. He saw Clarence looking down at him, his
mouth filled with his buddy’s masterpiece. They locked eyes as Clarence’s
dick pulsed. Derek made up his mind right then and there that he wanted
Clarence to cum in his mouth. He wanted to taste the 18 year old’s cum for
the first time as he began to suck harder out of wanton desire. Clarence saw the look of determination on Derek’s face as he tried
his best to make him cum. But Clarence was a long way from dropping a
load. He reached down to pull Derek up off his dick, but the 19 year old
college baller refused to stop. He tightened his hand around the long shaft
and sucked even harder. Clarence chuckled as he playfully pushed at Derek’s
head. Derek held his ground as he continued sucking, spittle slowly
dripping down the sides of the dick as he jacked quickly.
To Clarence’s surprise, what Derek lacked in skill he more than
made up in determination. Be sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped, sucked
and pumped, sucked and pumped until Clarence felt his balls starting to
knot up. His breathing became shallow as his dick started to throb. Derek
was still deep in the thrill of enjoying the workout when Clarence’s cum
suddenly started spurting in his mouth.”UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! OHHH…!!” Preteen Nymphets panted Clarence with each shot his
dick made.
Derek felt the first and second spurts filling his mouth before he
realized what was happening. When he heard Clarence panting and felt his
dick jerking wildly, he knew he was getting his just rewards.
The hot cum coated his tongue, teeth, and filled his mouth to
capacity. Derek felt himself starting to gag as he pulled off the dick to
swallow. The first gulp was like a wad of Mylanta going down his throat,
but by the second gulp he was hooked, loving the taste as he took the
oozing head back in his mouth to finish it off. Clarence fell back on the
bed, squirming like a fish on a hook as Derek sucked the flaring sensitive
head. After a few minutes he couldn’t take anymore and pried Derek off his
meat.”I want you to cum again…!” said Derek breathlessly, staring down
at the semi hard morsel.”Give it a few Preteen Nymphets minutes, man…, its not a machine!” laughed
Clarence, pulling Derek up off his knees. Derek smiled at his own
eagerness, wanting to drain Clarence of any baby makers he may still had in
stored in his balls.
As Derek came up off the floor, Clarence surprised him by kissing
him directly in the mouth. At first (on instinct) Derek pulled back, not
expecting the kiss. But once he felt the ball player’s soft full lips on
his, he gave in. Clarence pulled Derek down on top of him on the bed, kissing him as
he would a girl. Derek felt Clarence’s wet tongue slip into his mouth as
Clarence Preteen Nymphets
rolled him over onto his back. Suddenly Derek found himself on the
bottom, his legs instinctively parting to make room for CJ’s torso as the
taller man started to grind into him. Derek could feel Clarence’s dick
getting hard again as he rubbed it back and forth between his legs.
Clarence drilled his tongue deeper into Derek’s mouth as he reached
down and cupped two hefty handfuls of his ass cheeks. Derek felt Clarence’s
manhood nestle between the brown globes as he pumped back and forth, his
hands rubbing all over Clarence’s broad shoulders and back as they swapped
spit like lovers. Derek was the one that broke the kiss, a little overwhelmed by
Clarence’s forwardness and control. Clarence was totally oblivious as he
went back to sucking his neck. He kissed and licked his way down Derek’s
body, licking his nipples and tonguing his navel before bypassing his erect
dick to head straight to his balls.
Derek groaned heavily as his balls were expertly sucked into
Clarence’s vortex mouth. Clarence swirled each one around in his mouth,
massaging them like a mini-washer as he bathed them in spit. Derek’s dick
pulsed over his abdomen, leaking pre-cum like crazy onto his heaving
stomach as Clarence licked lower and lower.”CJ…!” gasped Derek, feeling the tongue going lower.”Just relax and enjoy it…!” said Clarence, pushing Derek’s legs up
out of the way.
Derek felt funny being in that position, but said nothing as he
trusted Clarence with his life. Clarence stared down at the tiny brown Preteen Nymphets
winking at him for a minute before peeling the cheeks apart and diving his
face in between.
Derek gasped aloud when he felt Clarence’s tongue licking across
his asshole. It was the strangest feeling having another man wash his
asshole with his tongue. But Derek trusted Clarence as he lay back and let
the younger boy eat his ass. Clarence pushed his face all up in the ass Preteen Nymphets
he licked and sucked at the tight tiny hole.”Damn man…!” shouted Derek, not caring who heard him as he grabbed
his dick and started jerking. Clarence reached up and grabbed his hands,
pinning them to his sides as he continued to eat ass. Derek spread his legs
wider, giving Clarence deeper access as he pushed his tongue up into
him. “Shit man…, that shit feels good!!” he yelled, not realizing
how loud he was being. Clarence sucked at Derek’s asshole until he felt it
started to flex and clinch repeatedly around his embedded oral
muscle. Reluctantly he pulled his wet face from his meal and captured
Derek’s dick between his lips.
Derek felt Clarence’s mouth envelope his manhood all the way down
to the root, burying his face in his pubic hairs. Derek cried out loud when
he came, shooting 5 thick ropey streamers of creamy potency straight down
into Clarence’s gullet. Clarence ate everything Derek gave him, loving how the dick pulsed
and pumped between his lips. Clarence sucked Derek’s dick until he was sure
he had drained it of every drop. When he was down he fully expected the
encounter to be over, but Derek surprised him when he quickly pushed
Clarence over onto his back and went back down on him.”Man…, you gonna hurt yourself if you don’t take it easy…”
joked CJ, watching Derek try to swallow his dick whole like he had done.
Derek gagged and gagged Preteen Nymphets
on the big hard dick as he tried to take it
all. He never gave up as he jacked the shaft while feasting once again on
the head, wanting to taste the thick clot of cum he knew Preteen Nymphets would eventually
come from the tasty tip.
Clarence just lay back and let Derek practice, knowing he Preteen Nymphets
successfully turned another straight man!_________________________________________________________________________
thanx to everyone who wrote in requesting more chapters at
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